Captron Sensor

Captron Sensor Switches

Sensor Switches are capacitive push buttons which re-activated without pressure using a hand or other parts of the body.

A capacitative sensor measures the capacity between the sensor surface and sensor surrounding.  If you move you hand close to the Sensor Switch, capacity increases, thus generating an output signal.  The capacitative principle is based on measuring a capacity.

The Captron Sensor Switch is a unique product.

  • The water-tight encapsulated electronic system and the weatherproof housing material, the push buttons have a long service life.
  • The contact-free switching operation, the vandal-proof system and unlimited switching cycles make the sensor switch a high-quality product for road and rail traffic, and the entire field of traffic engineering.
  • The handicapped accessible layout provides for distinct responsibility.  The striking visual feedback signal, the symbol text in Braille script, and the palpable relief arrows.

Capacitative Sensor Switchs have also been in successful use in public transport safety engineering since 2006 in the form of an information and emergency call unit in emergency call posts.

Durability of Captron Sensor Switches is evident in a video displaying the harsh conditions which the switches are put through, and yet still able to perform well under functional testing in cold and heated environments.

Sensor Switches are capacitive push buttons whicha re activated withoput pressure using a hand or other parts of the body.

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